1.How long does it take to get my food?

Usually our customers place their orders between Saturday's and Monday's and all orders are delivered Friday's.

2. Is your food fresh?

That’s right! all our food is made fresh in our kitchen during the week and sent to customers the next day after preparation and packaging. 

3. Do you customize individual macros?

Yes we do, just be specific about what you need per meal. Our website has all our macro information for custom meals. Click Here to customize your own meals. 

4. How will my food look like when it arrives?

It will look like it does in the pictures. Always fresh and never frozen! However, you can request for it to be frozen if you prefer.

5. If I order more meals will I get a discount?

Yes! We currently have our specials online if you search under Subscriptions & Packages. 

6. If I order your food will I lose weight?

Sticking to a clean diet will always help aid in weight loss. Our meals are low fat and all macros are well balanced to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Replacing a couple of meals a day with OMG meals will certainly aid in your weight loss journey. If you are interested in a customized diet plan and program they are available on our website under Training. 

7. What kind of quality is the meat that you use for your meals?

All of the meat is 100% FDA approved and is bought at the BEST commercial food establishments to insure quality and nutrition 😊 All of our ground beef meals are 96% lean and grass fed. 

8. How many meals should I eat a day to accomplish my goals?

The number of meals you eat on a daily basis will depend on your current health and fitness goals. We suggest 6 meals a day, however for a personalized diet plan designed to fit your individual goals and needs please contact us.  

9. How many meals a day should I eat to maintain my weight?

Depending on your weight will depend on how many meals you should eat a day to maintain weight. Rule of thumb would be 6 meals a day from our signature meal section. For more personalized information please check out our training and programs section.

10. Do you make meals for athletes and bodybuilders?

Absolutely! Many athletes and professional bodybuilders eat OMG meals and use it until the day they step on stage. Make sure to let us know of your specific dietary needs and contact us if you have any questions or need help. 

11. Do you do refunds of your meals?

We don’t do refunds but we do however offer credit based on the circumstance. This has never happened, but if you receive food that is spoiled or doesn’t taste right please contact our customer service.

12.What type of protein do you have that’s not meat?

Currently we have a couple egg white options and seitan (vegan). 

13. Do you guarantee the quality of your meals?

Absolutely. OMG LLC Stands by the quality of our food and we make sure every meal we send out is prepared and packaged to meet our standards. Please contact customer service if you feel your food is not up to standards.

14. How do I order meals from you?

It’s easy! Go online to OMGMEALPREP.COM and go to our Menu. From there you can make your selections.

15. Where are the meals prepared?

All the OMG meals are prepared in a ODA certified commercial kitchen. We have met all the ODA regulations and are certified, licensed and insured.

16. Do you deliver to out of state clients?

We are currently serving the Oregon and Washington areas. We are currently in the process of shipping to other states. Coming soon!

17. What are your drop off locations?

You can find all our drop off locations on our DELIVERY INFORMATIONS PAGE.  

18. Do you create diet plans or offer diet plans?

Yes. We provide diet plans and training regimens for all kinds of people. Trainers, moms, bodybuilders, athletes; you name it!

19. Do you offer custom meals for each diet plan?

Yes. We offer custom meals for people who need them. Please visit our OMG Custom Meal Prep section for more options.

20. What do I do if I get a wrong order?

Contact customer service via text to 503-847-0558 or text omguasch@gmail.com 

21. What do I do if I don’t like what I ordered?

While we always hope you enjoy our food, there might be something that isn’t to your liking. If that happens, please contact customer service. We appreciate all kinds of feedback as it allows us to continue to provide a great service. We will do our best to make you happy. 

22. What’s the minimum order size?

Our minimum order size is 10 meals in the Portland/Metro area and 14 meals to Washington and Eugene. 

24. How long will my food last in the fridge?

While some people can leave their food in the refrigerator for 6 days plus, we guarantee freshness up to 3 days.

Our food is prepared fresh weekly. We deliver fresh food every Friday and your food should be good refrigerated until you get your next delivery. However, each meal has a suggested freeze by date that is a couple days before your next delivery. IF, you choose to freeze your meals they will be good for up to 4 weeks. Simply thaw and microwave as needed. 



25. Do you ship your meals?

Not yet! But soon.

28. What days are meals delivered?

Meals are delivered weekly on Friday's. 

28. Are your meals gluten free?

We have many gluten free options, please look at the bottom of the page when selecting your food to look out for the gluten free options.

29.  Do you add fats to the food?

No. We leave that up to the customer. Nutritional information is available on our page for every menu item. 

30. What are the macros for all my meals and your food?

Each standard meal is portioned at 6oz protein, 1/2 cup carbohydrates, and 1/2 cup vegetables. In addition to that we have a separate option that allows you to customize for specific macros. Please check the nutritional information on our website when placing your order. 

33. Do I get a discount if I do training?

We offer many packages with training and buying meals. Please look at our website on the Specials, menu.


35. Do you have a monthly subscription?

Yes! We have a monthly subscription for all our custom meals. Subscribe and save $$$

36. How much would a months worth of food cost on average?

The cost will vary based on how many meals you want per day/week. Must meet minimum order per area per week.

37. How is your food different than a TV dinner?

TV dinners are frozen and are not clean friendly. Not only is our food fresh, but it’s never frozen.

38. Are your meals like weight watchers?

No. Our food does not work on a point system.



If you have any other questions, please message us below and someone will respond during business hours.